Tuesday, January 7, 2014

beige days

It's deep winter here in Minnesota and we still spend many hours just in our underwear.  I'm not telling the truth:  this is just fleeting now.  We do remain pantsless quite a bit, and the we that I speak of is the under-four set, and part of that is because Maya has not fully committed to potty training (and by this, I mean, she has an accident on occasion, and she's more likely to give her potty chair a shot if her pants aren't complicated--oh, how I miss the days of summer dresses).

Our days are inside a lot.  Maya gets her daily bouts of outside with preschool, but there are so many days of dangerously low temperatures that we just huddle together in little wormy balls.  (Have you ever ordered composting worms in winter?  They come in a little ball, much like the penguins of the far south, working their way to the middle, rotating closer and closer together.)  It's a nice way to spend winter, and yes, sometimes, in moments like these, we huddle and love that warmth of skin, his back resting on my arm, her leg draped over my lap.

Monday, January 6, 2014

tickling the ivories

A few glimpses of life at my parents' house on Maya's birthday weekend.  iMovie has gotten itself updated, so I have to re-learn a few things, which means videos will come later, but indeed, there is music making and weird duets between these sweet folks.  Finn makes a very nice one-baby rhythm section.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

birthday celebration & learning to walk

What happens when you become woefully behind in updating your blog:  you come upon photographs of your son learning to walk, when he's been walking (nay, running!) for a good while now.  And you get bleary-eyed at the charm of his learning, at his effort and all starry-eyed with love at your husband's patient hands.

We had Kelly and her kiddos over for Maya's third birthday, where we served cake with golden sprinkles (three is her golden birthday, after all) and gave her quite a few horse-things.  Her Uncle Eric set off some fireworks and we marveled in the snow.  (Snow!  Actually, we still have patches of snow on the ground this April the 15th, as I write this, so I can't really exclaim quite so much.)

Happy third birthday, little bear.  I love, love, love you.