Monday, February 17, 2014

camping in the living room

 I confess, after watching my kids with my sister and her husband, I can tell this for certain:  they are going to make wonderful parents.  And no, I will say this now, as I should have said initially on my Facebook posting of the same nature:  there is no news I am surreptitiously hiding.  I'm making an observation, and I just realized something:  I was pregnant with Maya four years ago today (4/21), which means I was about my sister's age.  Weird

 And to prove how good she is with care, my sister removed my itchy stitches from my shoulder, allowing Maya to look on during the process.  She's massively curious and isn't quite aware of how leaning in, in some cases, can cause a bit of unneeded pain for mama or stress for auntie, but we got through.  Now my little bear is totally capable of unstitching after an operation, yes?

The interesting thing about these photographs is who is not in them.  We're at Sue's house, but where is Sue?  She was trapped (I say "trapped," as if this were a bad thing--if it were any other timing, maybe) in New Jersey, where she had flown out for cousin Jack's birthday, but there was yet another snowstorm, and she couldn't reschedule her flight until late Sunday night.  So here we are, using her house, and she can't even witness the chaos.

Sunday, February 16, 2014